• ALL-SEASON: Dependable in dry, wet, or snowy conditions.
  • ALL-TERRAIN: Capable of any type of road surface.
  • LOW PROFILE: Better handling and performance.
  • MUD / OFF-ROAD: Best in wet, uneven, rocky terrain.
  • PERFORMANCE: Sporty, with excellent traction and maneuverability.
  • SUV

The Car Salon is an authorized BridgestoneContinentalFirestoneBF GoodrichCooperDick CepekFalkenGood YearKumhoGT RadialGeneralHankookMichelinToyoPirelliMickey ThompsonPro CompVredesteinYokohama & Lauffen dealer. We also carry passenger and light truck tires from other major brands. We have many options to shop tires available, so you can find the size and style that best matches your needs. If you have any questions, contact us. We’re happy to assist you in your search.


Hundreds of wheel types to choose from, styles, finishes, dimensions, and offsets.

The Car Salon carries a wide selection of Forged and cast aluminum alloy custom wheels and rims from mild to wild, choosing from hundreds of wheel styles, sizes, and finishes. Including chrome, PVD, polished, painted, powder-covered, milled and even milled and powder coated, we give almost every finish you can think of. We offer giant 24-inch wheels all the most popular sizes from 15-inch to 18 and 20-inch wheels.

There is no question to answer that is too big or too small. We can be of assistance to you!

Custom rims brands like RTX wheelsATXBlack Rhino, Moto Metal, Foose, Fuel or 40 + other top brands can be found at the Car Salon. See all the products below and shop with us rims and tires in Calgary, Alberta. We carry a wide variety of tire types and brands to complete the look of those wheels. Every style between Bridgestone and Pirelli. Let our Car Salon wheel experts help you find out what you need to make your car, truck, van, jeep or SUV stand out from all the other Calgary, Alberta stock vehicles. Call us at 403.250.9723