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    Cobra DualPro 360°

    Our most advanced radar/laser detection system Engineered in the United States, the DualPro 360° is the first Cobra multi-directional radar detection...

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    Cobra iRAD Calgary

    Cobra iRAD

    with App Connectivity The Cobra iRAD keeps drivers aware of their surroundings while protecting them against all radar and laser guns used today...

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    Cobra RAD 250 Calgary

    Cobra RAD 250

    Radar/Laser Protection - Detects all radar signals (X, K and Ka bands signal strength indicated), laser and VG-2 signals Instant-On Ready - Detects...

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    Cobra RAD 350 Calgary

    Cobra RAD 350

    Radar/Laser Protection - Detects all radar signals (X, K, and Ka bands signal strength indicated), laser and VG-2 signals Instant-On Ready - Detects...

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    Cobra RAD 380 Calgary

    Cobra RAD 380

    Next-Gen Detection & Protection The RAD 380 radar detector is the easiest way to drive smarter and safer. With next-gen technology now at a wallet...

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    Cobra RAD 450 Calgary

    Cobra RAD 450

    Fewer False Alerts with Cobra's Patented Technology. The IVT Filter™ system reduces false alerts from sources like collision avoidance systems so you...

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    Cobra RAD 480i Radar Detector

    Cobra RAD 480i

    Broader Protection with Shared Alerts The RAD 480i radar detector keeps you safe on the road with real-time speed trap alerts from the Cobra...

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    Cobra RAD 500G Calgary

    Cobra RAD 500G

    GPS Ready - Integrated GPS receiver and AURA™ database provides location-based alerts of red-light/speed cameras as well as known speed traps...

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    Cobra Road Scout Calgary

    Cobra Road Scout

    2-In-1 Radar Detector and Dash Camera Driver Alert System The Cobra Road Scout offers an innovative 2-in-1 driver alert solution. Designed with...

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    Cobra SPX 955 IVT Radar Detector

    Cobra SPX 955 IVT

    Xtreme Range Superheterodyne® Technology With super-fast sweep circuitry provides extra detection range and the best possible advance warning to even...

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    Cobra SPX6655 IVT Calgary

    Cobra SPX6655 IVT

    In-Vehicle Technology (IVT Filter) Detects All Radar/ Laser Guns (X, K, Superwide Ka, Laser Instant-On Protection Military Grade Components Auto...

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    ESCORT iXc Radar Detector

    ESCORT iXc

    The ESCORT iXc carries on the tradition of the ESCORT iX, now with the improved detection range, enhanced anti-falsing precision, and all the...

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    ESCORT MAX 360 Radar Detector

    ESCORT MAX 360

    The ESCORT MAX 360 offers true 360-degree protection against all ticket threats out there today. Its front and rear dual antennae design offers...

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    The ESCORT MAX 360c is the first driver alert system designed for the connected car.  When paired directly to the car’s WiFi (2.4GHz only), the MAX...

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    ESCORT RedLine EX Calgary

    ESCORT RedLine EX

    Drive undetected.  ESCORT’s RedLine EX offers exclusive, high-tech dual antenna design and proprietary TotalShield technology for undetectable...

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    ESCORT X80 Calgary

    ESCORT X80

    The ESCORT X80 provides long-range protection and early warning against all radar bands including conventional and instant-on guns.  High-performance...

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