Fender Flares

Looking to add some beef to your ride? Need to protect your investment from the wear and tear of your hardcore lifestyle? Look no further friend because a new set of fender flares is going to be right up your alley. Fender flares come in many different varieties and each has its own distinctive look and purpose.

Fender flares are best known in the off-road community as a way to protect the finish on a truck or SUV from any rocks, mud or debris you might kick up while driving off-road. Even if you don’t take your truck off road, fender flares protect your paint just the same. Sometimes after adding larger tires, you may need to add fender flares as a way to complete the look of your daily driver or even meet legal requirements. Whatever your reason for adding custom fender flares to your ride, you can bet that it’s going to look and perform better than stock.

The Car Salon carries a huge selection of fender flares for pickup trucks & SUV’s. Choose from OE, Rugged, Street, Pocket, Rugged, Wide, Cut Out, Bolt-On, Riveted, Street and more. Most fender flares come in black and can be painted. Available in 4 piece sets for the front or rear. Select brands offer truck fender flares in 2 piece sets. Plus most are a no drill install. If you are looking for a custom truck look or just concerned about debris and rock chips dinging up your truck’s body and wheel wells. Fender flares are what you need. Dress up & defend your truck or SUV with some tough and rugged fender flares and you’ll have a lot less to worry about, whether you’re off-road or cruising the highway. If you have oversized tires on your pickup, then they’re practically an essential upgrade for your ride. Browse around our enormous selection and enjoy our unbeatable prices and friendly customer care. Choose from plenty of different options and pick out the set that’s best for your vehicle.

Small rocks and other debris kicked up off the road can do a number on your truck’s wheel wells over time. This is particularly true if you spend a lot of time tumbling down dirt roads, adventuring off-road, or hauling around dusty, windy job sites. Put some quality fender flares on your car or truck though, and you’ll be prepared for anything the world can send its way. It’s a small investment to make that can pay off big time later on by protecting the resale value of your pickup.

If we were used vehicle shopping between a truck with some sick looking fender flares installed, or one with dinged and dented wheel wells, we know which one we’d choose.

We carry fender flares from a variety of reputable manufacturers that are available in either four-piece sets to cover each wheel well, or two-piece sets to accommodate either just the front or rear wheel areas. They’re made from high strength materials like impact-resistant ABS plastic. With their generous manufacturer warranties and UV protection to prevent fading in sunlight, they’ll provide you with years worth of use.

If we were used vehicle shopping between a truck with some sick looking fender flares installed, or one with dinged and dented wheel wells, we know which one we’d choose.

Whether you’re looking for a sleek street look, or a more rugged off-road aesthetic, we carry truck andfender flares calgary SUV fender flares to suit all tastes. Many are even paintable, so you can get a look that matches the finish of your vehicle. Could it get any better? Maybe if we hand-delivered a batch of fresh cookies straight to your door, but that might be a little difficult.

Many of our fender flares feature easy bolt-on installation so you can be off and running in no time without needing to do any drilling. Their custom fitment means you can order a set that will match your vehicle flawlessly as well. It’s a pretty simple process, and this is one job you won’t need to be an expert to complete.

Have questions? By all means get in touch with us and we’ll help you get your fender flares properly installed.

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