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This product is an automotive body panel protectant that has been used successfully since 1973. It is a light red liquid that is applied inside body sections. Crevice areas are hidden inside body sections, such as joints, folds, seams, and spot welds. Therein are the places where corrosion starts and spread from. It has the light liquid consistency and the active. Additives necessary to penetrate deeply into and protect the many vulnerable crevices found in today’s vehicles.

Rust Check protects metals by displacing moisture and treating the surfaces with highly effective corrosion inhibitors. The corrosion inhibitors form an adsorbed (bonded) layer on the metal surfaces. This microscopic layer acts like a series of tiny umbrellas, shielding the surfaces from water molecules. Just as a car battery will not work without its electrolyte. Metal corrosion will not occur if moisture does not contact the metal.


  • Time tested and proven for over 30 years.
  • Not only for the new vehicles. Even older vehicles and those treated with other inadequate rust coatings can benefit from the deep penetrating action.
  • Will not repair damage already done to older vehicles but it will inhibit the progression of rust in problem areas.
  • Accredited by almost 1,000,000 satisfied customers, this is the most compelling evidence that Rust Check really works.
  • Preserves wiring connections, electronic components and creates a less hostile environment for mechanics. Which will save you money and protect your investment?

What is Rust Check Coat & Protect?

Coat & Protect is premium vehicle undercarriage protectant. Rust Check Coat & Protect can be thought of as a thicker version. With good adhesion and wash resistance, making it ideal for exposed undercarriage areas, Coat & Protect eliminates dripping from the undercarriage, but does not harden; it is self-healing, won’t crack or peel, and can be applied to both new and used vehicles. Coat & Protect is a premium product that contains a very high percentage of the same type of effective corrosion inhibitors used in Rust Check. Used together in the Rust Check Two Product Process, Rust Check Coat & Protect provides premium quality protection, tailored to the different environments encountered by the different areas of your vehicle.

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