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You need batteries & power supplies beyond the factory set up for most vehicles to get the best sound because high powered aftermarket stereo systems draw a lot of power, and if your electrical system isn’t upgraded you can have poor audio performance no matter how great the amplifier or subwoofers. Plus you can have more serious problems like dimming header battery packs, power supplies, car audio accessories lights or a vehicle that won’t start. We have the products you need to power your system including power cells, capacitors, inverters, converters, batteries & power supplies.

When the stereo pulls too much power out of the electrical system of your car, your headlights dim. This usually only happens in large sound systems with multiple kilowatts. But even modestly powered systems can sometimes stress the electronics of your car, especially during the energy burst of a sub amp when the sound of the beat is produced. Every part of the electrical system, even the amplifier itself, suffers from the sudden demand for limited power supply from the amp. Your eyes are more sensitive to change than your ears, and you notice the beat dimming your headlights.

AGM batteries are completely sealed, spill proof, and maintenance-free, and can be mounted in any position. But the most important feature is their low resistance and greater plate area, which provides more power for your system. These batteries are a great choice if you’re adding a second battery to your system, especially if you play the stereo for long periods with the engine off. Another addition you can make to your system is a capacitor. A capacitor stores power and can deliver it more quickly than a battery, such as when bass notes or drum beats put large power demands on the amplifier.

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