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At the Car Salon, we offer the best available car audio with the latest technology in-car electronics from the most trusted brands on the market, including MTX, Rockford Fosgate, Focal, Kenwood, Hertz, and Pioneer.

Whether you are looking to upgrade your stereo and get Bluetooth, or are looking for a killer sound in your car, we offer quality installation and products in speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, and receivers. We also set you up with Apple Carplay & Android Auto.

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Bluetooth, Car Alarms, Remote Car Starters, Car Navigation Systems, GPS Tracking to car Decks, Speakers, Subs, Replacement FOBS, and Amps.

Premium Installation

With the Car Salon you can count us installing your vehicle electronics right the first time. So you can enjoy your new upgrades worry-free.

Troubleshooting / Repairs

If you are having problems with your vehicles electronic components. Give us a call we can help diagnosis & fix nearly any problem.

Car Audio Sales, Installation & Repair in Calgary

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Best Remote Car Starters Calgary
Remote Car Starters

Our Remote Car Starter line-up includes CompuSTAR, Viper, Clifford and Autostart

Best Remote Car Starters Calgary
Replacement Remotes

Fobs, Clickers, Chip Keys...whatever you want to call them, we Have them!

Car Bluetooth Upgrades Calgary
Bluetooth Upgrades

Universal Bluetooth Car Kits, Adapters & Stereo Upgrades

Android Auto Stereos Calgary

Head Units & Receivers: Sales, Installation & Repair in Calgary

Focal Car Audio Canada
Car Speakers

Shop all the top brands & styles. Need help? Give us a call.

Best Car Amplifiers Calgary

For the Sound you want. We suggest More Power.

Best Radar Detectors Calgary
Radar Detectors

Fit your requirements and price point, we carry radar detectors that actually work.

Back Up Cameras Calgary
Cameras & Safety

Car Salon is delighted to be Calgary’s first choice for driver safety.

Best Subwoofers Calgary

Add a subwoofer to your existing system or build something from the ground up.

Car Alarm Shop Calgary
Car Alarms

Catalytic Converter Protection in Calgary is our Specialty.

GPS Tracking Systems Calgary
GPS Tracking

For Fleet Managers who need to know the location of their vehicles.

GPS Navigation Systems Calgary
GPS Navigation

Get directions in real-time while you drive to direct you to your destination.

Car Video Systems Calgary
Video Components

Car Video Systems are a great way to entertain the family. So you can focus.

Car Audio Power Supplies Calgary
Batteries & Power

Satisfy your power hungry audio system at the Car Salon's Audio Accessories.

Car Audio Equalizers Calgary

For the audiophile who wants more than just volume and bass from their system.

Car Phone Mounts Calgary
Mounts & Accessories

Hands Free Mounts & Car Electronics Accessories

Serving Calgary Since 1994.

For over 20 years The Car Salon has been delivering legendary services and unbeatable prices to Calgary and surrounding areas. Our Audio and Electronics Center is proud to be the “go-to” vehicle audio and electronics dealer in Calgary; promising unbeatable custom installs on your car, truck, bike, or boat.
Car Electronics Shop Calgary
Car Salon Audio Installation Calgary

Reliable Calgary Car Audio Shop.

Whether you want to build a robust, custom sound system to compete in the Sound Off with IASCA* or simply exchange your stock system. Mix and match components with commodities from MTX, Clarion, Hertz, Pioneer, Kenwood because we are sure to have what you need.
Don’t spend another day in the dark ages. Call us today to see what we can do for your ride.

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Electronics for Cars, Trucks & SUV’s

Calgary's Premier Automotive Electronics Shop

The Car Salon’s Audio and Electronics Center and professionally trained install staff can set you up with anything. Bluetooth, car alarms, remote car starters, car navigation systems, GPS tracking to car decks, speakers, subs, replacement FOBS, and amps will deliver the most astonishing sound because of our fine car electronics technicians.

Reliable Calgary Car Audio Shop

Whether you want to build a robust, custom sound system to compete in the Sound Off with IASCA* or simply exchange your stock system. Mix and match components with commodities from MTX, Clarion, HertzPioneer, Kenwood because we are sure to have what you need.

Don’t spend another day in the dark ages. Call us today to see what we can do for your ride.

Happy Customers are our Top Priority

We are very proud of our service and stand by every product we sell & install. We appreciate all of your kind reviews. Thanks Calgary!
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Tim Dardis

Calgary, Alberta

I was looking to upgrade the horrible stock headlights in a Jeep Wrangler. Steve at the Car Salon was able to provide me several different options.
Jessy Lehmann

Calgary, Alberta

Amazing work. Done in time, price was absolutely reasonable. Stick to there words. Great job.
Alexander Ivey

Calgary, Alberta

I have been there twice for work on my truck and have good experiences.
Al Del Degan

Calgary, Alberta

Very knowledgeable staff, quality work, and very reasonable pricing.
Mylon Redwood

Calgary, Alberta

The newer pioneer upgraded audio for my GMC 2010 is the best.
Aneesh Mohan

Calgary, Alberta

Knowledgeble staff. Very please with my new car audio sound system. Thank you Car Salon

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Give us a call or leave us a message, we endeavour to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

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    Automotive Audio & Electronics FAQ's

    We hope our FAQ list will help you answer some of the more common automotive electronics questions. Still need answers give us a call. We are glad to help.

    How much does it cost to put a good sound system in your car?

    For $400 to $500, you can acquire a high-quality, budget-friendly car stereo system. You can purchase a superior system for roughly $1000 if you have a bit extra money to spend on car audio.

    Should Bass be higher than treble?

    In an audio track, treble should be higher than bass. This will bring the audio track into balance, as well as address issues like low-end rumble, mid-frequency muddiness, and vocal projection.

    How long does it take to install a remote starter in a car?

    Our expert installers say that it takes an average of 3 hours to install a remote starter.

    How many times can you remote start your car?

    How long will the engine run before it is shut down after the engine has been started remotely? Every vehicle started with the remote starter of the engine can idle for 20 minutes in total. Automatic engine shutdown takes place after 10 minutes; however, the car can be started up as often as you would like for 10 more minutes remotely.

    What is Fleet GPS Tracker?

    Fleet tracking is a management system that monitors the activity of fleet vehicles and assets using GPS tracking (e.g., workers, equipment). Vehicle tracking, or AVL, is another name for it. GPS fleet tracking collects data from fleet vehicles and assets using telematics technology.

    What is the best car audio setup?

    Step By Step Process To Get The Best Audio Setup
    • Soundproof your vehicle. …
    • Replace your old speakers. …
    • Channel Amplifier. …
    • Channel Amplifier. …
    • Always use high-quality cables for the amplifiers. …
    • The next step is installing a good equalizer. …
    • You can’t miss a subwoofer. …
    • Something worth going for — Build a box for your subwoofer.

    How many speakers should I put in my car?

    Two or three speakers should generally be placed on the front panel. If you have a dynamic, put them in the front doors in cards. It is another way to ensure maximum power to maintain the whole music system.

    Will any car stereo fit in my car?

    Universal car stereos can fit any car if you have understood and the right fascia panel is the difference between single and double DIN car stereos. Enabling you to install your universal stereo on almost every vehicle inside, you should have the right fascia panel.

    Is my car stereo single or double DIN?

    If it’s roughly 7 inches long by 2 inches tall, it’s a single DIN head unit that must be replaced with another single DIN unit. If your radio is approximately 7 inches long by 4 inches tall, it is double DIN.

    Are Underglow Light Kits illegal?

    Underglow light kits are generally legal as long as they remain unlit and covered on public roads. Underglow that flashes red or blue is typically illegal in most circumstances, both on and off the road. All of our XKchrome Kits include a “Default” mode, which means that if you can ride with a legal colour, that colour will illuminate each time the kit is turned on. Our XKchrome kits also allow you to turn off the exterior lights while keeping the interior lights on. Because the laws on underglow lights vary greatly by state, drivers who want to add underglow lights should first check their state’s unlawful vehicle modification laws to avoid potential warnings and fines.

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    Car Electronics Calgary

    When it comes to your vehicle and mobile electronics installation, you need to be able to be confident in the shop doing the work. Because our trained staff can handle any situation from custom fabrication to advanced OEM integration into the latest vehicles.
    With over 20 years in the mobile electronics industry, we provide expertise and experience to bring you the best in mobile electronics–from iPod integration to full car stereo systems. Call us today or visit our showroom to experience the Car Salon difference.

    Why the Car Salon for Car Audio?

    Here at The Car Salon Audio & Remote Car Starter, we feel that our customer service is an art form. We know that if you treat customers well and make a special effort to please them, they will come back, tell their friends and maintain a long-lasting loyal relationship.