Backup Cameras & Car Safety Systems

Backup Cameras of all types. For over 25 years, you’ve trusted the Car Salon with your automotive tinting and accessory needs, but did you know we also provide other automotive services?

Car Salon is delighted to be Calgary’s first choice for driver safety and sensor installations. You don’t have one in your car? Take a look at these numbers.

Backup Camera Facts

Backup cameras and parking sensors can help you avoid collisions while backing up your car. Back-up cameras show obstacles on a video feed while reversing, and parking sensors sound an audible warning if you back too close to an object. In reality, our systems have been shown to avoid between one and six police-reported accidents. As compared to comparable models without backup cameras, vehicles fitted with an optional rearview camera minimize crash rates by up to 16 percent.

What Are the Advantages of Backup Camera Technology?

Although backup cameras are useful for anyone, they are especially useful for drivers aged 70 and up who may have difficulty turning their heads. Backup cameras have been shown to minimize backup rates for older drivers by 40%, according to research.

Older drivers can benefit from parking sensors as judging distance becomes more difficult with age. If you or a loved one could profit from rearview camera technology, schedule a consultation or buy a gift certificate today!

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Backup Cameras for Cars

Our backup camera monitors come in rearview mirror versions that clip on or completely replace the mirror and standalone models that can be mounted to the dash or any other convenient viewing location.

Many have multiple video inputs so the monitor can also be connected to a DVD player, and these usually have a remote control for on/off, mode selection, and adjusting picture quality.

The most sophisticated monitors from our selection have built-in Bluetooth, smartphone compatibility, auto-pairing, caller ID display, external microphone, and an auto-reverse video switch for parking.

Backup cameras give you clear picture of what’s behind you before you start reversing your car. If backup camera was in use, thousands of backup crashes could have been prevented each year.

The Car Salon carries wide range of backup cameras.

A trailer hitch camera will help you guide the hitch ball right into the trailer coupler all by yourself, a job that used to involve repeated trial and error or another set of eyeballs, and some units even provide audible assistance. Our dash cameras can be aimed through the windshield to record traffic incidents. Top-of-the-line models have built-in GPS to display driving speed and position; three recording options: normal, parking, and event; and auto motion detection, which initiates recording when impact or motion is detected, for recording collisions and attempted theft when your vehicle is parked.