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The Car Salon in Calgary can Turn nearly Any Vehicle into the Perfect Survival Machine with truck accessories Calgary.

We don’t want to be alarmist at all. Recent days have contributed to a renewed involvement in many truck accessories and services we provide to
local Calgarians.

Off-Road Truck Accessories Calgary
Off-Road Truck Accessories Calgary

By writing this blog, we aim to give you some suggestions on what it is that you should be searching for in a decent bug-out vehicle so that if a natural catastrophe or worst-case scenario happens, you’ll be able to get in your Bug-Out Vehicle and get your family to safety.

The Car Salon in Calgary is the “One Best Place” for all your car and truck accessorizing needs.

Truck Accessories in Calgary isn’t just our business, it’s our passion. When it comes to finding the right place for auto accessories near me, you’ve found it. Your search is over.

The Best-Bug Out Vehicle Accessories

Once you have a Bug-Out Vehicle, there may be certain modifications that we suggest to properly execute the functions needed in the backcountry. This will include excellent Off-Road Tires, which you can find on our Shop for Tires page here.

After all, we’re preparing to use this truck when the SHTF, so wherever that might be, any of these camping accessories are going to come in handy.

Lightbars and Work Lights

Getting clear functional LED flood lighting on the side and back of the truck is going to help a lot. There might be circumstances when, instead of bugging out, you may like to lend a helping hand to a neighbor or your community, whether it’s after a terrible storm or the much-needed reconstruction and assistance after a disaster. Because many of these accidents will trigger blackouts, having overnight work lighting on the side and back of the cab can transform the truck into a workstation. When you are outdoors and are setting up camp or at your bug out location, these lights give you the chance to have all-around visibility to ensure the area is clear, and to allow you to see your surrounding area to set up camp at night. A couple of good options for work lights on your truck are Rigid Industries or ODX Lighting.


Naturally, anything you can do to gain additional storage will help. Any decent bug-out vehicle is expected to have roof racks. They are the best place to store extra water, jerry cans, solar panel systems, food containers or firewood. Whatever you pack, decide if you need it during your journey or if it is to be used when you arrive.

Storage Tanks

When you go off-grid, you will need some supplies. If staying at home is not an option you’ll want to take plenty of supplies with you when you leave the city and most of it will be food, water, and fuel. When it comes to water and fuel, the jerry cans are some simple additions you can make to your off-road truck. Our Calgary Accessories Shop is where you can buy the best new camping jerry cans. They should be specifically labeled ‘water’ or ‘fuel’ so as not to confuse their contents.

In-Car Organizers

So this isn’t completely required, but if you’re like me and you love getting things well organized, tactical front seat covers from Smittybilt are the ideal thing to use in your bug-out machine. Even if you’re not carrying personal security items, these in-car organizers are for your outdoor tools, survival gear, first aid equipment, knives, communication accessories and snack bars for the family and yourself while you’re on the road.

For me, I’m am regularly outdoors in the Rockies as I enjoy camping, hiking, and outdoor exploration, and when I first chose a vehicle for that purpose, I didn’t even think of a bug-out vehicle. So, as you can see, the two go hand-in-hand, and whether you’re a hunting enthusiast, a fishing enthusiast, or just love the outdoors like me, one of these vehicles will give you everything you need to do that, as well as acting as a bug-out vehicle if you need to.

If you have any questions about Truck Accessories Calgary or need ideas or help to locate a part, please contact one of our Friendly Sales Associates at 403.250.3722

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