Refurbished Fleet Vehicles Calgary

Refurbishing Fleet Vehicles

If your business has fleet vehicles, then you know that the unknown variable of mechanical, auto-body and refurbishment repairs can be diabolical. You show up and cause your vehicles to be out of service at the least expected time, which costs you money.

When fleet vehicles are your business, you either have an in-house automotive repair shop and auto-body repair shop or you have a list of tried and true vendors that work at your speed and budget.

Refurbished Fleet Vehicles Calgary
Refurbished Fleet Vehicles Calgary

But what about the rest?

Whether you’re buying a fleet of used vehicles or fixing those with miles on them, you’re going to make decisions to replace or restore them. Restoration is not a consideration f

or many, because the costs outweigh the benefits. At the Car Salon, we are experts in the fleet vehicle refurbishment and restoration business for “the rest.” Your mechanical and auto-body repairs can often take a day, if not just hours, but when faced with cleaning the vehicle to make the driving experience good for the driver-time out of service can be a little longer, costing you money.


The Car Salon can provide high quality, cost-effective repair, and refurbishment to fleet vehicles at our refurb center in Calgary, AB.

SMART repairs and refurbishment:

  • Paintless dent repair – keeping vehicles out of paint shops
  • Body scratch and stone chip removal
  • Bumper repairs and re-texturing
  • Paintwork treatment and glazed finish
  • Interior repairs and re-texturing
  • Windshield repairs & replacement
  • Alloy wheel repairs

Other services:

  • Missing/damaged parts replaced subject to authorization
  • Body and paint facilities
  • Latest Spot Repair System
  • Fast track paint booths
  • Isolated damage repaired at minimum cost
  • Mechanical and safety pre-delivery inspections


What does this mean for my bottom line?

Not only do your vehicles need to run well, but they also need to look good and work well. Things tend to fall apart over time, the yellow headlights, the leather, and the fabric are torn apart, the dash fades out of the sun, the carpet is worn out of the footwear.

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