Auto-Body Work Repair Estimate Calculation

Auto-Body Work Repair Estimate Calculation

What’s the first thing that hit your mind when you’re in a car accident? it’s to make sure everyone you’re with is safe and sound. The second is usually about the costs involved in getting your car looking like new again. You’re probably doing some mental calculations and trying to figure out how much everything would cost. We’re going to try and break it down for you in the points below so keep reading on how to try and accurately estimate the cost for your repairs.

How To Calculate Your Estimates

Avoid Online Auto Repair Estimate Calculators

Checking how much your repairs on Google might seem like a good idea at first but the estimates you’ll get are extremely off the mark. If its an insurance company designing the calculator you might end up with an estimate that is several hundred higher than the actual. A car body repair shop might give you an estimate very low and inviting but you’ll be shocked to know the real price when you get there.

Set Up An Estimate Appointment

Before actually handing your car in for repairs go about town and find out how much different body shops actually estimate your damage to be worth. Make sure you visit The Car Salon in Calgary for one of your estimates because we’re sure to leave you pleasantly surprised with how much our body repairs actually cost. We offer body repair and accident repair work at prices almost 50% lower than our competition and we don’t want you to miss out on a good deal.

General Rule Of Thumb For Estimates

Depending on the type of damage your car has sustained you can look at the following for a general rule of thumb for your repair estimates. The smaller the damage the more accurate this general rule of thumb is, more complicated cases will require a more thorough assessment and damage report.

With no paintwork, involved estimates can be lower than $500. Fender Benders, Bumper work, small body part replacements and the like will range between $500 to $1000. Slightly more noticeable damage that requires replacing parts could be up to $1500. On the higher end of the spectrum, you can see an estimate of about $4000 to $5000 is you’re having trouble driving the car or for major repair work.

Be Aware

Have you been to an auto repair shop before? You know what you have to come to expect. Do your homework, but also have faith in your autobody repair shop technician. Just because something doesn’t look bad to you doesn’t mean you fully comprehend the extent of your damage. You don’t have to take everything that’s said at face value, but you do need to ensure you’ve done your homework so you don’t get ripped off either.

When you come to The Car Salon you’ll definitely see the change from all the previous auto-body repair shops you’ve been to before. Our primary focus is on ensuring customer service and we go into great depths to explain the estimate to our customers to make them understand the costs at every level. If you’re looking for a quick estimate on your vehicle repair and you need to speak to a professional, get in touch with the experts at The Car Salon today.

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