How Do I Know If I Need To Do Wheel Alignment?

How Do I Know If I Need To Do Wheel Alignment

Due to our busy schedule, it can be hard to keep a track of all the service needs of your vehicle. If your car needs fuel or an oil change you have a convenient dial that displays the information. But how do you know if it is time to get a wheel alignment done? Today we’ll be looking at some simple checks you can do to see if you really need to do a wheel alignment for your car.

How Do I Check If My Tires Need Alignment?

There are actually several easy tests to check if you need a wheel alignment in Calgary. Here are some of the easiest tests you can do at home to check for wheel alignment issues.

There could be several reasons why you have problems with the alignment in your wheels. Bad driving, bad roads, or not regularly checking and maintaining the proper air pressure in your tires. Whatever the cause may be these check can help you get the professional attention you need to get your wheel alignment done in Calgary.

1) Uneven Wear On Your Tires

The first you are going to want to check for before you get behind the wheel of a car is the wear and tear of your tires. If you are having problems with the alignment then you will definitely notice that a set on wheels on one side of your car are showing more wear than the other. The Car Salon has precise tools that tell you the difference in your tire threads within a millimeter. However, depending on the severity of your wheel alignment issue you could spot the different thread patterns with the naked eye.

2) Non-Centred Steering Wheel

When you’re driving your vehicle do you notice that you have to make an effort to bring the steering back to its natural position after you’ve completed a turn? A few of you reading this know exactly what I’m talking about. If you’re suffering from this problem then you definitely have an issue with your wheel alignment.

3) Abnormal Pull

Now it’s common knowledge that roads have their own slight curve. No matter how advanced technology gets, or how good we get at building flat roads they’ll never be 100% flat. However, this crowning should not have too much effect on how your car handles on a straight road. If you still find yourself having to shift the steering to keep it in the center then it could be because your wheel alignment is off and your car is being pulled in one direction or the other.

4) Steering Wheel Vibration

Ideally, with perfect tires you will not feel too much vibration in the steering wheel. This is assuming that the roads are well tarred of course. However, on a well tarred road if you still feel like you have to grip the steering wheel hard to avoid your hands from vibrating then you know its time to check the alignment of your tires. The reason vibration in your tires increase due to bad wheel alignment is because the wheels are pulling the cars in opposite directions which is causing a strain on the suspension, which is causing the whole steering system to vibrate.

Cars are undoubtedly precision machines. They need a lot of care and looking after to ensure it looks after you when you need it the most. Not every slight niggle might be noticeable easily but there are things you should fix right away. Wheel alignment is one such issue that you need to have fixed by professionals.

There are things you can do at home to try and fix the problems like
– Ensure proper air pressure in all your tires
– Load the trunk equally on both sides
– Drive conservatively especially on bad roads

However, if these do not resolve your issue, you have to show the professionals. Get in touch with The Car Salon in Calgary and have the skilled professionals in auto servicing give your tires the expert treatment.

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