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The steering wheel is the link between you and your car so why compromise? Demon Tweeks offer a fantastic range of steering wheels for all types of car and driving styles, and in a range of sizes, materials, and colours to suit everyone. We’ve also got all the fitting, spacing and mounting parts and accessories you’ll need to complete the look.

Many people feel that their car, truck, or sports utility vehicle, also known as an SUV, is an extension of themselves. They, therefore, often purchase vehicles that reflect their style. The most frequently used component in a vehicle is the steering wheel. It is also the most prominent element inside that can be seen from the outside. Many people choose to exchange their factory installed steering wheel with one that they pick for themselves, based on their needs and personal taste.

This buying guide explains in more detail why people decide to install an aftermarket steering wheel in their vehicle. It provides a description of the main styles, as well as a few popular brands, their main characteristics, and their relative expense. Aftermarket steering wheels can be purchased from automotive manufacturers, dealerships, automotive parts manufacturers, automotive parts stores, some discount stores, and from online marketplaces such as eBay Motors.

About Steering Wheels

The steering wheel is the focal point of the interior of the vehicle. It attaches at the steering column and controls the direction the wheels turn, thereby controlling where the vehicle goes. It often is where the horn is located, as well as additional controls for the audio system, headlights, and mirrors. They are commonly made of carbon fiber with a plastic grip. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as different colors and textures.

OE Steering Wheels vs. Aftermarket Steering Wheels

OE (original equipment) steering wheels are typical of a simple design. They are usually round with two or three spokes and are often black or gray. Aftermarket steering wheels come in a large variety with every element being subject to adjustment. They can be created in many colors and different materials that provide a different feel. They are available in steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and wood. The grips come in leather, plastic, and wood. In addition to round, aftermarket steering wheels are produced in square shapes, “D” shapes, with molded rims, and cut tops. A huge selection allows for buyers to choose a nearly custom wheel to replace the original one.

Reasons to Replace a Steering Wheel

When drivers want to personalize their automobile, the steering wheel may be one of the most personal elements of the vehicle to replace. There are a few reasons one may choose to replace his or her steering wheel. They can easily be divided into the following two categories: practical and aesthetic.

Practical Reasons for Replacing a Steering Wheel

Of all of the elements of a vehicle, the steering wheel receives more handling than any other. With the nearly constant wear and tear, it makes sense to exchange the factory model with a more durable aftermarket one. It is a good idea to look for a wheel that has the features one requires. For example, if the car is intended for racing, the replacement may be constructed from a mildly molded material to improve the performance. Vehicles that are used extensively for commuting or traveling should have a steering wheel with a comfortable grip installed.

Aesthetic Reasons for Replacing a Steering Wheel

When one looks in the window, one sees it. When one is driving, it is in the forefront of his or her field of vision. The steering wheel should be as aesthetically appealing as possible. When replacing an OE steering wheel with an aftermarket piece, get an idea of what the end result should be. Consider what look the wheel should have, focusing on the size, the shape, the color, and type of material of which it is made. Shop around and compare different varieties. Imagine them in the car or truck for which they are intended.

Types of Steering Wheels

There are several different types of aftermarket steering wheels that can be differentiated by a few of their main characteristics. The first elements consist of characteristics that address the size and installation process. The second group of considerations regards the functionality and the aesthetics. The last one addresses the “extra” elements that may be included with the steering wheel.

First Things to Consider

The first trait that is often compared is the diameter and rim diameter. Many aftermarket steering wheels are smaller than OE wheels. The next thing to consider is what type of hub it fits. This is necessary information because it dictates whether an adaptor would need to be purchased before installing the new steering wheel.

Second Things to Consider

The secondary elements to consider concerning the looks and functionality of the aftermarket wheel. The number of spokes in the wheel affects how the driver places his or her hands on the wheel. Although it is a personal preference, it can make an impact on how the person drives, particularly in regards to comfort. The shape of the wheel can influence the choice. Some are designed with a “D” shape to allow more space between the bottom of the wheel and the driver.

The material that the wheel is made of and the material the spokes are made of should also be considered. This is also a personal preference. Some find a leather wheel to be more comfortable, while others are morally opposed to the use of leather. Choose a wheel that enhances the appearance of the interior and does not clash or draw an unwanted amount of attention.

Third Things to Consider

The tertiary things to think about when buying an aftermarket steering are the “extras.” A couple of these include the location of the horn button and the possible inclusion of an airbag. Sometimes, additional control buttons, including rotary switches, shift paddles, and a display for the audio system and other electronic functions may be featured.

Popular Brands of Aftermarket Steering Wheels

There are several manufacturers that one typically turns to when shopping for an aftermarket steering wheel. As always, when there is a choice, it is advised to learn a bit about each one and compare it against the others. This is part of the process of making an informed decision. The following table lists a few of the commonly sought steering wheels. It describes some of the main characteristics, including a couple of the popular styles for each, and its comparative expense.

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