Tips To Buy New Car Tires


Your car tires are most often one of the most overlooked feature of the vehicle, however, they are also one of the most essential. Regarding safety, fuel efficiency, or comfort your tires play an important role in keeping your car in the best shape. Unfortunately, it’s difficult buying new car tires because it requires an in-depth knowledge of what’s best for your vehicle.  That does not mean that you cannot learn, in this post, we will look at the best tips to buy car tires.

How Do You Know If You Need New Car Tires?

In most circumstances, the common Joe won’t be able to tell you if you’re due for a tire overhaul. Chances are the only time you’ll hear someone speak about your tires is when you’re in the garage for an oil change. You can’t always rely on the off chance that someone else notices something amiss about your tires so here is how you find out:

1) Wear & Tear

Tires usually have a mark showing the wear and tear on them. If you’ve gone beyond that point chances are you must change your tires pretty quickly to avoid dangerous situations. 

2) Toonie Test

With a toonie. Slip a toonie in between your tread blocks. If the tread reaches the bear’s paws, your tires have lots of tread left (they’re probably new!). If the silver part of the toonie is covered by the tread block, your tires are about half worn.

3) Visible Wear Signs


Sometimes the tire is so far gone that you can see visible signs of distress on the tires. Tears, inner lining visible, tires balooning out in odd shapes and lumps. You absolutely cannot ignore these signs. 

Tips To Make Sure You Buy The Right Tire

There are several factors you need to consider about yourself and your vehicle before you buy a new set of tires for your car. Here are tips to make sure you always buy the right kind.

1) Check Size

Each car comes with a specific size tire that is best suited for their design. Some people buy smaller or larger tires based on their aesthetic requirements. We would recommend against that as it affects the performance of the car poorly. 

2) Speed Rating

Most tires come with speed ratings. This is the tolerance levels of your tire for high speeds. Most tires have a regular speed rating of over 100 mph so you need not worry about the rating unless you are part of a race crew. 

3) Cost

It should come as no surprise to anyone but tires can be very expensive. Even the base variants on most tire models are expensive and the prices only go up from there. We would recommend buying a tire in the mid variant segment. Never go for the cheapest option (do only after a thorough inspection), as it might give out sooner than you expected and come back to the tire store.

4) Quality</h6

The most important aspect of a tire you should focus on is the quality. One cannot overlook the importance of the value that a good quality tire provides. If there is one area where you should not compromise it is this. But like I have said in my previous point, most expensive does not always mean best quality for you. 

Where To Buy The Best Car Tires In Calgary?

The Car Salon naturally should be your first option. We sell car tires all year round with a special focus on the special weather tires during winters. You will most likely look for car tire stores near me which is what I would recommend. You should, however, also make sure that the shop has an expert in that particular tire department. As experts we provide you just the kind of answers you are looking for from a practical standpoint of your vehicle. Also, never hesitate to ask questions as it‘s the only way you‘re guaranteed to be fully satisfied when buying a car tire.

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