How Do You Select The Best Tires For Your Vehicle

How Do You Select The Best Tires For Your Vehicle

Ensuring that you have the right car tire for your vehicle is quite a task. While the company may have laid down a few basic standards like the height and the width, the additional trademarks of choosing a tire are somewhat difficult to pin down. What makes it even more challenging is that tire companies are constantly renewing their tire lines to provide more and more features and the tires you had purchased a few years ago are not even available anymore leading you on a whole new tire buying journey. Here are some things you need to consider before buying new tires for your car.

How To Choose The Right Tires For Your Car?

1. Picking The Right Size

Car manufacturers go through a lot of testing and checks to see what tire size best complements your car. They have to look at comfort, mileage, tire wear, braking, handling and a lot of other factors before selecting the right ones. Car manufacturers will also definitely try and keep their costs down so might not choose the most optimum brand and tire features. This is especially true in the case of budget cars. So the size becomes one of the primary parameters when it comes to choosing a car for your tire.

2. Cost

You should be able to take into consideration the various costs associated with buying a car tire. While you might get a good deal on the upfront price of the tire, how is it going to affect you in your future? Tire repair shops like The Car Salon in Calgary give you some amazing deals when it comes to wheel alignment, tire prices, and custom wheels, however, you could still see the bills rack up if you’re not careful which tire to buy. Make sure you buy a tire that suits your driving style and range to the tee.

3. Type Of Tire

Depending on the conditions of the road you have to buy different tires. In some countries, you might need all-weather tires because the conditions on the roads although diverse are not very extreme. However, in extremely snowy countries like Canada, you cannot make do with all-weather tires and specialist winter tires are needed. Most people always carry an extra set to prevent getting stuck due to a sudden change in weather conditions.

The Car Salon Tire Widget

Since there are so many different parameters for you to choose from it becomes quite complex when picking the tire that will suit your needs best. The Car Salon, Calgary has tried to help you out by making the tire selection process much simpler by building their Tire Widget. All you need to do is select from a few options in their menu and you’ll have the best tires for your car selected for you.

The Tire widget makes the best choice of tire for you based on the make and model of your vehicle. The trim you would like to opt for as well as your driving style which plays a major role in the selection of your tires. If you’re looking for an easy way to pick the right tire for you, check out The Car Salon Tire Widget today!


If you’re looking to discuss the tire choice or if you have any tire-related queries you can always get in touch with one of our tire experts at The Car Salon. The Car Salon is a family-owned local business that has been operating in Calgary for several years. We’ve built our reputation by providing world-class service at the most affordable prices. We’re so sure about the best tire prices in Calgary that we provide our customers with a price match guarantee on all competitor advertised pricing. So if you’re ever on the lookout for the best tire shop in Calgary or even the best tire repair shop in Calgary, think of The Car Salon. We also have a sister concern known as TireCraft in Calgary which you can get in touch with.


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