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Everything You Need To Know About Remote Starters

Have you ever wanted to have your car warmed up and ready for you to drive off? Especially in the middle of winter as you’re struggling against the wind and the cold to get into the car and start it. Remote Starters were invested for just this specific purpose and now are extremely popular in the market. Here’s everything you need to know about remote car starters and where you can get the best deals for remote car starters in Calgary.

How Do Remote Car Starter Systems Work?

To be able to use a remote car starter you need to have a radio signal transmitter and a receiver. The receiver is installed in your car while the transmitter is attached to the key fob that you can conveniently carry with you. They are extremely popular in countries with colder climates as not only can you start the car, but you can also control the heater/defroster in the vehicle.

Are Remote Starters Safe?

A lot of people have doubts about using remote car starters in Calgary as they’re afraid they may be hacked and the car could be stolen. While there is a TINY risk of this happening the benefits provided by the remote far outweigh the negatives. If your car were to be “hotwired” you could manually disable the engine and prevent it from being driven away. You have so many options to control your vehicle with a remote car starter.

Do I Have To Use The Factory Remote?

Most companies now provide their own remote starters and a lot of our customers want to know if they can be replaced with an aftermarket product. While factory remotes are pretty good, you have very limited options in terms of features. Companies like “Viper”, “Compustar”,  “AutoStart”, and “Astrostart” not only provide your starter with additional features but also keep adding updated security features to their remote.  There is definitely nothing wrong with having an aftermarket car starter and we at The Car Salon Calgary also recommend them. We have a wide variety of affordable remote starters for you to choose from.

Are Replacement Remotes, Fobs and Batteries Expensive?

Like with everything you buy there is a wide spectrum of prices. A point of note here, however, is that even the most expensive replacement remote car starters don’t burn a hole in your pocket. Batteries on the car remote starters are also inexpensive and last a long time. As for the fob, it’s totally up to you how much you would want to spend on it.

Are Remote Starters For Car Easy To Install?

If you know what you’re doing then yes, remote starters are definitely easy to install. I don’t want to get technical about it, but for the best performance, you should always leave the installation process to the professionals. The Car Salon experts have been with cars for several decades and are extremely good at what they do. If you’re having problems with your remote car starter or are in the market to have one installed in your car then you should definitely give us a call right away.

The Car Salon is committed to providing the best auto care services at the most competitive prices in Calgary and there is no doubt in our minds that you will definitely be more than happy with the services or our prices. Get in touch today!


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