Comparing The Best Towing Accessories – Curt, Hidden, Reese

Comparing The Best Towing Accessories – Curt, Hidden, Reese

If you’re looking to increase the carrying capacity of your vehicle the only conventional way you can do that is by adding a rack to your car or by adding a trailer hitch to the end of your car. Not only can you, as the name suggests, haul trailers behind your car, you can also add several different kinds of cycle racks. While knowing what you need is pretty simple, picking out the right trailer hitch is quite complicated. There are several different categories, designs, weight capacity etc. But don’t worry about it. We’re going to break down the best trailer hitches for your needs.

The Best Trailer Hitch

1. CURT 13105 Class 3 Trailer Hitch

One of the most popular trailer hitches is brought to you by the company CURT. It is one of the most popular trailer hitch manufacturing company around. While CURT itself is one of the best companies that build trailer hitches, the 13105 Class 3 trailer is renowned for the many features it has. It’s rugged, made of good quality tubular steel, glossy black powder finish which looks extremely wonderful. No matter what you throw at the trailer hitch you’ll find it as dependable as ever.

The joints, bolts, seams, the cut steel are all done by laser cuts to make for the best accuracy. Also because of the precision in the cuts, their design aesthetics are a cut above (pun intended) the competition.

2. Reese TowPower 21536 2 Inch Starter Kit

One of the most popular towing accessories that a lot of customers seem to buy and enjoy is Reese TowPower. It, not your everyday hitch and customer love it because of the value for money it provides. The design is very simple, it’s built like a ball mount trailer hitch but instead of a vertical drop, it has several holes drilled into its 9-inch arm. This along with the safety pin they provide with the purchase is what holds the trailer together. It is quite literally one of the most affordable trailer hitches on the market that provide the best quality. So if you’re looking for something small that could carry a light load, and you’re just getting into the whole trailer scene, this could be your entry ticket at an affordable rate.

3. Hidden Hitch 87446

Customers absolutely love the ease with which most Hidden hitch towing accessories can be installed on the vehicle. The Hidden Hitch 87446 is no different. It’s not just easy to install but also designed well, is able to carry a large load capacity and also enamel coated thick flanges. Hidden Hitch is a fantastic company to be in business with. Their customer service is one of the most popular and if you’re having any issues with the installation or the product itself, then you can always get in touch with one of their representatives, or they will guide you to one of their service partners like The Car Salon in Calgary.

These three products that we’ve mentioned here don’t necessarily have to be the most popular products on the market, and they don’t even have to be the best products available in the market, but they could be the best products that you are looking for. The best product that most suits you is the one that best meets your requirements irrespective of what’s popular on the market and the list of the best towing accessories we’ve shared above tries to encompass all the different requirements one could have from a towing hitch. If you would like to know more about towing hitches or have one installed on your vehicle by professionals, come by to The Car Salon in Calgary today.

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