Aftermarket Vehicle Accessories Every Car Owner Must Have!

Auto Accessories & Electronic Gadgets Every Car Owner Must Have!

Automobiles are no longer just a mode of transportation; they are a symbol of pride and have been for some years now. It is a luxury status that you would love to show off to your friends, colleagues & the haters that judged you. While the electronics that come with most cars these days are okay. If you really want to impress someone then there are some gadgets that you must have in your car. We are happy to present the list of the Auto Accessories most car owners should have.

The Best Car Accessories & Gadgets You Should Own

1. Mobile USB charger

Most vehicles now come equipped with your standard USB charging spot. Even vehicle manufacturers have come to terms with how important smartphones are to our day to day lives. However, maybe in order to save costs, the charging from most of these USB ports is subpar. The Car Salon highly recommends getting a USB charger that supports 3.0 USB charging. This means faster charging so you can have your phone worry free the whole day.

2. Park Assist Cameras and Sensors

This should be a mandatory feature in all cars that come out but sadly isn’t. We cannot stress how easy parking cameras and sensors have made life when it comes to parking in the city. There are several versions of the parking cameras that come nowadays, some that even display the video directly into your rear view mirror so there is no additional need for screen in the car.

3. Phone Mounts

With the rise of Uber, Lyft and other carpooling apps the importance of phone mounts cannot be ignored. We would never recommend using a phone while driving ever. The number of body shop work we get in our body repair shop in Calgary due to the crashes caused while someone is on the phone is just ridiculous. However, there are plenty of times when you need to look for directions, if you don’t have a navigation GPS panel in your car. Then the next best solutions is the phone but only if you have a mount to keep your phone on. That way your eyes are on the road, the phone is safely held on a mount and you’re also getting the right directions.

4. Remote Starters

Remote starters are more an entertainer than a utility gadget but there are plenty of situations they can come in handy and are highly recommended. Imagine you’re getting late for work, you know your car runs fine only when it’s properly heated for a while. When you’re almost done & are about to leave just start the car, let it engine heat up. The oils lubricate the moving parts & by the time you get in the car you’re more than ready to go. There are plenty of remote types, one-way car starter remote, two-way car starter remote and more. We do recommend getting the two-way remote care starter, that way you are absolutely sure that the car has started.

5. Radar Detectors

While speeding is wrong sometimes you can be caught off guard when the speed limit is lower than you’re used to. Or if you’re in a new state and you’re not familiar with the speed laws then it’s best to stay cautious. You can do this by installing a radar detector in your vehicle. While we suggest that you should always be driving within the speed limits, knowing a cop is around the corner will only help you stay more vigilant about your speeding habits.

At The Car Salon in Calgary, you have all the latest in auto accessories and electronic gadgets that you will need to spruce up your vehicle. If there is anything at all that you need you can come to us. Even if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll go out of our way to satisfy our customer, so next time you’re in the market for some auto accessories and car gadgets think of The Car Salon.

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