Checklist For Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

vehicle inspection

Buying a vehicle can be very stressful and expensive. People try different methods to get the best deal and more often than not end up with a bad deal that they have to live with. One of the ways people try to get a good deal on a car is to buy a car at an auction. Cars that have been repossessed are usually re-sold by the banks at auction houses and they’ll even take it back if you show proof of a significant defect in the car. If you’ve recently purchased a vehicle at an auto-auction that includes a return option and you would like to have it thoroughly inspected before you take full possession of the vehicle then get in touch with the experts at ‘The Car Salon’.

What Is Covered Under The Buyer Protection Policy Of Action Houses?
1. Engine troubles such as cracked cylinder blocks, broken valves, issues with the gaskets, or cylinder compressions.
2. Transmission failures due to problems with the shift or gearbox
3. Problems and damage to the frame which is certified by a certified frame shop
4. A transfer case is binding or inoperable

Why Do You Need Professional Vehicle Inspection Services?
Apart from the checklist that is mandatory for the buyer protection policy to come into effect, there could be several things wrong with the vehicle that the auction house would not cover and you would have to pay for it out of pocket. Instead of buying a complete lemon ensuring that you make a solid purchase and if not than ensuring that the changes will not cost you too much to fix is what you need. A professional vehicle inspection service will look into all the tiny details that you might have missed when you gave the car a once over to look for any problems. We’ve included a tiny checklist of things we look out for when we do a vehicle inspection for you.

Vehicle Inspection Checklist

• Tires

o Check the tire pressure
o Tire Threads
o Wear on the tire
 Uneven tire wear could sometimes indicate a bigger problem related to the suspension of the frame quality of the car that laymen could tend to miss out on.

• Batteries

o Charge-Discharge load test
o Voltage check

• Brakes

o Brake fluids check
 It is the lifeblood of your braking system that often gets overlooked because of the amount of time it takes to check
o Wear and tear on the drums, rotors and other minor parts

Steering and Suspension

Steering belt
Fluid levels

• Engine
Maintenance checks

• Frame

• Exhaust Systems

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but a good reference to give you a general idea of how well we really plan out vehicle inspections to not only cover issues that you might have now but possible issues that you might be facing in the future. If major faults are noticed during the inspection you can be assured that your Buyer Protection Policy will protect you. If there isn’t anything major wrong with the vehicle then you can always rely on our affordable car servicing options to fix and tune up whatever is required.

While you may have protection from the auction house if you end up buying a car sold to you under false pretenses or a car that is damaged beyond repair, what happens when this is not the case? You’ll need a reliable car service station to look into all your repairs and fixes in the most affordable manner. If you need your vehicle inspected for other reasons as well our services will come in more than handy. Get in touch with us today!

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