Benefits of Paint Protection Film Installation In Calgary

Benefits of Paint Protection Film Installation In Calgary

A lot of car manufacturers in recent times have switched to water-based paints. These are good for the environment and shave off a few dollars for the car manufacturers as well. However, what it gives the end customer is a softer, feebler paint that chips easily and fades very quickly. Now we’re all for being environmentally friendly but we pay dearly for our cars to look and feel nice. We would always recommend a Suntek paint protection film installation on your car. There are several benefits of a paint protection film and we’ll look at a few of them in detail.

Benefits Of Paint Protection Film Calgary

1) Paint Protection

This one is a bit obvious but the number one reason to install a PPF in Calgary is to protect the paint on your car from chips and fading. Forget about going off-road on a trail like the Deerfoot trail (which is known as the rock chip capital of Canada), but even on regular roads the chances of having debris accidentally chip away the color from your car is extremely high. Protect your exteriors by installing a PPF from a respectable mechanic shop in Calgary.

2) No Additional Maintenance Required

We use the Suntek paint protection film, it has a lot of advantages over other PPFs and is superior in quality. What we like about the paint protection film is that it does not require any additional maintenance. You simply install it and let it do its job while you drive around carefree. Simply wash and clean your exterior as you normally would.

3) No Drilling Or Chemical Adhesives Required

Another benefit of using a paint protection film on your car is that you don’t need to use additional adhesives on your car to have the film stick to the exterior. The film already has an adhesive that is safe for your car paint and installs extremely easily. You don’t need fasteners, drilling or any other additional effort to install the film

4) Lifetime Warranty Available

We are so sure about the work we do and the materials we use that we provide a lifetime warranty against peeling of the film, against bubbles appearing on your car where the film has not been installed properly, and the film turning yellow due to exposure to the environment. We take our handiwork very seriously and we only use the best paint protection film available in the market – Suntek Paint Protection Film. If you don’t believe us we’ll be happy to give you references of any of our happy customers who’ve had the paint protection film installed at the best auto workshop in Calgary – The Car Salon

5) Extremely Clear and Undetectable

Most car owners are hesitant to use paint protection films because when not installed properly you can clearly tell there is some sort of plastic coating on your car. This not only looks bad, but it can be pretty harmful to the actual paint of your car. When installing a paint protection film in Calgary, always make sure to visit a professional auto shop certified in the installation of PPF. If you’re looking for the best in the business get in touch with The Car Salon to install PPF today!

A paint protection film is absolutely crucial, especially in Calgary. There are plenty of auto body shops in Calgary that claim to be able to give you the precise finish that will have your car looking spanking new all over again but only one company, The Car Salon, can back those claims up with verified customer testimonials. If you are looking to protect your car paint with a film, get in touch with the best in the business.

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