Ceramic Car Coating vs Car Wax

There are multiple alternatives to protect your car’s paints. The car waxes and sealants have been available for decades and they have been doing their job admirably, to be honest, however, in recent times ceramic coatings are becoming more popular with the professionals at Auto Detailing such as us at The Car Salon. We’re here to let you know the differences between traditional car waxes and the new age nanocoatings provided by the ceramic coating for your car paint protection.

Car Wax vs Ceramic Coating – Which is better

1. Longer Lasting

When comparing car wax with the more innovative ceramic coating technology it is clear to see that ceramic coating lasts longer than sealants or car wax. If you avail The Full Auto Detailing Services at The Car Salon we provide you with a guarantee of the car paint protection services we provide.

2. Better Protection

The best test to check the reliability of your car paint protector is the amount of protection it affords to your car paint. Even in this aspect, the ceramic coating works better than traditional wax. At The Car Salon, we recommend XPEL Fusion Plus, the latest in the line of amazing products from XPEL.

3. Application Time

Both car wax and ceramic coatings take a considerable amount of time to apply to your vehicle. The major difference between the two is that you can probably wax your car by yourself at home if you had the time and inclination to do so, however, when it comes to ceramic coating you have to use a professional auto detailing service like The Car Salon to get the best out of your paint protection.

4. Easier To Clean

Ceramic coating has a hydrophobic property which means water and water-based pollutants find it difficult to stick to the body of your car. This means that the car is easier to clean. Anyone who has used Wax on their car knows how sticky the car can get when just waxed and you need to use several layers just to make it look all buff and new.

5. Finish

While both Wax and Ceramic Coatings have glossy finishes but you don’t even need to look closely to see which one will give a better finish. Ceramic coatings, especially, XPEL Fusion Plus provides an almost mirror-like finish to the car which is exactly how you’d like it to look. Ceramic Coatings make your cars look almost brand new and keep them that way longer.

6. Affordability

It won’t be any surprise that the more modern innovation is likely to cost higher than applications that have been available for multiple decades. We’ll be the first to admit that ceramic coating is more expensive than wax but we firmly believe that the benefits that ceramic coating provide are worth every penny spent on it.

7. Chemical Resistance

Nanocoatings are obviously the more recently developed and have been made using the latest technologies available to its creators. It would be fair to say that ceramic paint protection coatings offer more chemical resistance than wax. What this means is that acid rain, pollutants in the water and other chemicals commonly found in the atmosphere will not react with the paint due to the ceramic coating on it.

As you can see the evidence suggests that ceramic coating is more beneficial than traditional car waxes for your car paint. However, if you’re working on a tight budget and have the time to spend then we do recommend that you wax your car at home. Its fairly easy to do, affordable but takes time. So far, the XPEL Fusion Plus is the best we have to offer when it comes to paint protection, but we’re always on the lookout for more innovations. If you want more tips and tricks about auto detailing please reach out to The Car Salon experts today!

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