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When people think about car cleaning services their first thought is to find the nearest car wash. But there is so much more to car cleaning than just a simple car wash. We’re talking about fixing the entire car from top to bottom making it shine. Detailing as the name suggests looks into every nook and corner of the car so that it’s spotless both inside and out. This also includes removing any scratches that may be on the car and getting your car to as prime a spot as possible.

Steps Involved In Auto-Detailing at The Car Salon
Any auto detailing process has two parts, interior detailing and exterior detailing.

1. Exterior Car Detailing and Cleaning Services

The exterior is started with the body. Most of the visible dirt is usually here. We use soapy water to soften the dust and must and rub it all away. Then special cleaning products are used to look more closely at each individual part. The tires, for instance, are usually the dirtiest components on each vehicle. The brakes, the wheels, the rims all need to be carefully cleaned.

Once the thorough washing is complete the body is checked for any scratches & nicks. If it’s possible to get rid of them using a polish we do our best to take it off. It can be time-consuming but it is definitely worth the effort once you see the finished product. Once the polish dries off, every inch of the car is waxed to provide an extra layer of protective covering.

The same treatment is given to the smaller parts of the car like the mirrors, any glass and/or rubber items that need to be cleaned.

2. Interior Car Detailing and Cleaning Services

Good work takes time and that part is so true for interior detailing of any car. You have to think of all the component of the interior of a car before you can even fathom how much time it could possibly take. There are the obvious seats, the air conditioning vents, foot mats, but there are so many tiny areas like the cup holders, the space between the seats and the door where so much junk accumulates that it becomes difficult to clean easily.

If you’ve ever properly vacuumed the carpet you know how long it takes to get the dirt out of there, and I mean like really out of there. Now consider 2 or 3 rows of seats, along with some messy kids, a pet perhaps and you can understand why it’s so important to get your interiors detailed from time to time.

Last but not least are the windows of the car. They have their own special routine to make them crystal clear and to keep them that way for as long as possible.

One more step that most auto-detailing companies will just ignore is the cleaning of the engine compartment. No one’s looking under the hood, so why bother right? But it is important. Ensure the engine bay cleaned is essential in spotting engine trouble before any serious issues crop up. Cut wires, leaks, are much more are so much easier to spot when you have a clean engine environment and should be a part of your interior detailing plan.

As you can imagine a simple car wash is a far cry from getting your car completely detailed. It takes a fair amount of time longer too, however, we definitely recommend you have your car detailed by professionals both internally & externally at least every 3 months. If you are looking for reliable car cleaning & auto detailing services in your area, get in touch with The Car Salon today.

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