Best Laser Jammer in 2019

Best Laser Jammer in 2019

Speeding fines are expensive. They could easily leave you eating into your hard-earned paycheck depending on where you were caught and how fast you were going. Now for obvious reasons, we would always say maintain your speed limits they have after all been designed with a lot of thought in them to ensure public safety. But there isn’t any harm in arming yourself with a device that can help you make such silly speeding mistakes. We’re of course talking about laser jammers and today we’ll look at the best laser jammers of 2019.

Best Laser Jammers Of 2019

1. Escort ZR5 Laser Shifter

What we love about the Escort ZR5 Laser Shifter is how reasonably priced it is for the number of features it has packed in. Capable of jamming many of the latest LIDAR guns, the Escort ZR5 can definitely help you out in a tricky situation. Another great feature is it also tracks where the radars are being fired from, the front or the rear. The compact shape and size make it an absolute must for people installing it strategically.

2. Escort ZW5 Laser Jammer

The only difference between the Escort ZR5 and the ZW5 is that while the R is wired, the ZW5 is completely wireless. Installation is surprisingly simple and the features of the jammer are in line with what we have come to expect from the Escort line of Lasers and Jammers. Although relatively competitively priced it does lose out on the number of heads – 2, which isn’t the most ideal for large vehicles. If you have a sedan or a hatchback this is the model that you should definitely consider getting as it is a bang for the buck.

3. Ani laser Priority Laser Jammer

One of the most advanced Laser Jammers on the market the Anti laser Priority can handle the onslaught of even the most recent lasers. It also covers you from a wider range of detection than most jammers on the market. Even with the excellent features that this jammer has the Anti laser isn’t priced out of the pocket of most people making it a favorite among most.

4. Stinger VIP Laser Interceptor

The Stinger VIP Laser Interceptor is widely considered to be the golden standard when it comes to the Radar Lasers and Jammers. It is also one of the most premium products on the market. The sophisticated technology can ensure that it blocks almost all LIDAR guns. The heads are extremely tiny and can be placed very stealthily without much fear of being detected. It also provides 4 heads for each side of the vehicle which is more than what most jammers provide.

First and foremost, before buying a laser detector and laser jammer you have to find out from your local law enforcement if the purchase and use of laser jammers and detectors are legal. While they are completely safe to use in most states, some cities frown or even prohibit the use of laser jammers and detectors. Having said that, if you’re okay with owning one then definitely head over to The Car Salon, Calgary for the latest and most competitively priced Laser Detectors and Jammers.

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