Diesel Engine Systems

Diesel engine systems help power some of the larger cars and trucks on the highway while also…

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division staffs the best diesel engine systems mechanics in Calgary, AB. Diesel engine systems—created by Rudolf Diesel—utilize their own compression in order to ignite the fuel. Diesel engines have a combustion rate of more than three times that of a regular gasoline engine system in Calgary, AB.

Another advantage to owning a car or truck equipped with a diesel engines system is that most service or maintenance can wait until your car or truck reaches 750,000 Km’s. Ultimately, this means lower service, maintenance, and replacement costs along with better fuel economy over a longer period of time.

Diesel engine systems are built without spark plugs. The idea behind a diesel engine system is that the compression between air and fuel is so high that the reaction is able to explode without a spark from an external mechanism. With gasoline engines, the fuel is mixed with air, compressed by pistons and ignited by a spark plug. In diesel engines, the air is compressed and then the heat is injected into conditions of extreme temperatures so that the fuel ignites upon injection. A diesel engine’s fuel injector may be located in a few areas, but the purpose is still the same. Instead of spark plugs, diesel systems have glow plugs, which help diesel engines to start and run more efficiently in colder temperatures in Calgary, AB. Glow plugs have two heating elements that allow it to get very hot very quickly for fast starts in diesel engine systems. Turbochargers in diesel engines help in the combustion process by quickly compressing the air flowing into the diesel engine. This equals more power since the more air in the combustion chamber means the more fuel can be added to the combustion process. Turbochargers help increase the compression ignition, which gives diesel engine systems better efficiency, and ultimately, more miles per gallon of diesel fuel.

We have been servicing diesel engine systems in Calgary, AB, longer than most local garages. Our mechanics understand the ins and outs of all diesel system maintenance. Among the diesel engine system services we offer are glow plug service and replacement, drivability and hard starting diagnosis, excessive smoke and noise diagnosis and turbocharger repair and replacement. Diesel engine systems have been evolving for years and we have equipped our facilities with the latest cutting-edge technology in order to keep up with the changes. Make an appointment with us today for a diesel engine system diagnostic if you are experiencing trouble with your diesel engine system.

Don’t hesitate to have your brakes inspected by our highly trained mechanics at our facility in Calgary, AB. Our mechanics have years of experience inspecting brakes in Calgary, AB. Our team of auto professionals has seen all of the signs and symptoms of bad brakes, so don’t risk the safety of yourself, your passengers, or the other drives on the highway. If you happen to be experiencing unusual squealing or grinding noises coming from your vehicle’s brakes, then make an appointment today to have your brakes inspected by an experienced mechanic.

Drivability / Hard Starting Diagnosis

Glow Plug Service / Replacement

Most diesel engine drivability and hard start problems in Calgary, AB, will point

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division provides drivability and hard starting diagnostics to customers in Rochester, Calgary, AB. So far, in the life of your car or truck’s diesel engine system, maintenance has been quick, painless and relatively affordable. But suddenly as you round a corner in your neighborhood in Calgary, AB, as if on cue the smell of smoke fills the air, alerting you to some unknown new issue with your car or truck’s diesel engine.

But sometimes your vehicle’s brakes are not as responsive— sluggish, squeaky, and shaky. When your brakes are having difficulty stopping your vehicle, it poses a risk to your safety in the vehicle as you travel. We can offer your front brake job the care they deserve so your vehicle can return to the road in peak condition at our Calgary, AB location. In the case that your front disc brakes are to blame we can accommodate your vehicle’s need for brake repair or brake replacement. We are aware of the safety risks that worn brakes can impose on the way your car handles and we can provide you the quality service that you require. We also offer additional services to keep your vehicle in top working conditions in Calgary, AB.

If you call into our facility now, we’ll probably ask if there is any smoke coming from the exhaust of your car or truck.

Maybe there is no smoke at all. Maybe your car or truck’s diesel engine system is hard starting. Low compression inside the diesel engine can result in an insufficient amount of heat generated during the combustion process. This problem is generally seen in cars or trucks with a little over 500,000 Km,s. If the engine is not able to turn over fast enough, the fuel injector pump will not generate enough pressure to activate the start of the injection. This is a symptom of diesel engines that experience hard starting during the colder months of the year, which is why scheduling routine diesel engine system maintenance before the colder weather sets in is always a good idea. Otherwise, drivability and hard start issues may be caused by low cranking speeds or flat batteries. Drivability and hard start issues are also a result of faulty glow plugs, insufficient fuel supply, petrol contamination, and blocked fuel injectors. A faulty turbocharger may also point to hard starting problems if the wastegate sticks, which will cause the vehicle to blow excessive smoke. Basic diesel engine problems with bearings, pistons, and oil pressure can also cause drivability and hard starting issues. Some internal diesel engine problems can be avoided by simply keeping up with scheduling regular oil changes. Because temperatures grow even hotter in diesel engines, keeping the oil clean and new bits of help with lubrication of all working components while also with removing dirt and debris that can clog important players in the diesel engine combustion process.

When it comes down to it, drivability and hard start issues can point to a number of faulty components inside your car or truck’s diesel engine system. Because diesel engine systems usually perform at a desired level of efficiency before hitting the 500,000km mark, if you are experiencing any drivability or hard starting issues before then, be sure to contact our facility in Calgary, AB soon as possible.

The earlier our mechanics can catch a potential problem with your car or truck’s diesel engine system, the more money you will likely save on a repair service in Calgary, AB. Don’t put up with diesel engine drivability and hard start issues simply because you think the reliability you have always known in your diesel engine is going to last forever. Diesel engines require regular maintenance to ensure proper operation just like regular gasoline engines in other cars and trucks. Call our facility today to make an appointment for a quick and accurate diesel engine drivability and hard start diagnostic service.

Your car or truck’s diesel engine system has been so reliable through the years that it seemed like…Glow Plug Service / Replacement

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division provides glow plug service and replacement services to customers in Calgary, AB. A month of bitter cold mornings has finally returned to Calgary, AB. While all cars and trucks experience a few moments of hesitation while starting in the coldest of weather, a slow starting diesel engine can be an early sign of glow plug trouble. A diesel engine that is slow to start might also emit white smoke until the engine finally becomes heated. This white smoke is a sure sign of glow plug trouble.

Inside your car or truck’s diesel engine, the glow plugs have the responsibility of aiding the combustion process by adding more heat to the compression of air and fuel for a quicker start. Most glow plugs are equipped with a dual core in order to regulate the temperature, depending on the resistance inside the combustion process.

The process inside your diesel engine also depends on the fuel injectors, which inject fuel into the combustion process. But sometimes, these injectors might drip excess fuel onto a glow plug. That fuel will slowly erode the heating elements of the glow plug. A group of glow plugs that experience failure all at once are most likely the result of a high charge from a battery or some other odd spike in voltage in your car or truck. On some models of cars and trucks with diesel engine systems, the electronic dashboard warning systems can fail to alert you of a possible problem with a glow plug. A rough idle and engine hesitation are both symptoms of bad glow plugs. Be mindful of the smoke that comes out during the combustion process. If the smoke is white, contact our facility in Calgary, AB as soon as possible to schedule a glow plug service and potential replacement.

While glow plugs are to aid in igniting the combustion process, a slow starting diesel engine system may actually be an early symptom of weak compression inside your engine. But the only way for us to come to this conclusion is to inspect your diesel engine system and its accompanying glow plugs during a glow plug service at our location in Calgary, AB.

Any glow plug service will begin by testing the volt output of each glow plug. Our mechanics will measure the current draw of each individual plug, trying to find a low current draw in the glow plug tending toward failure. While there is no standard repair interval for glow plugs, conducting a current test with an ohmmeter will give an indication of when that glow plug may fail.

Our facility—equipped with cutting-edge technology required to effectively service and repair diesel engine systems—services all cars and trucks with diesel engine systems in Calgary, AB. You need a team of auto professionals with a history of servicing diesel engine systems who you can trust. We pride ourselves on having mechanics who possess quality customer service skills along with a wide knowledge base of diesel engine systems to ensure that you receive quick answers and accurate repairs. If you have been experiencing problems with your diesel engine system starting up, then schedule an appointment today for a glow plug service and possible replacement.

Turbocharger Repair / Replacement

Ever since you had your car or truck’s diesel engine equipped with a turbocharger, your start-up…

The Car Salon Tire Craft Division is the leading turbocharger repair and replacement shop in Calgary, AB. If you plan on doing some heavy towing in Calgary, AB, then a turbocharger may help with increasing the firing power of the pistons inside your diesel engine system.

A turbocharger is actually a type of forced induction system that forces more air into the compression process inside your diesel engine system. More air inside the combustion chamber means more fuel added by your diesel system’s fuel injectors. Turbochargers provide more power by increasing the number of explosions within each cylinder inside your diesel engine system during the combustion process. A turbocharger will make the engine burn through more fuel, yet equipping your diesel engine system with a turbocharger offers the advantage of increasing engine power by more than fifty percent.

A turbocharger repair and replacement procedure on your car or truck in Calgary, AB can result in smoother turbocharger boosts. Sometimes the initial boost will start a few seconds after stepping on the gas, resulting in a lunge ahead. A lack of turbocharger performance may be due to cracks or leaks in the housing. There may also be an unusual accumulation of oil on the housing or excessive movement of bearings or other wheels during the process of increasing compression inside your diesel engine system. Basically, a turbocharger repair or replacement will result from improper lubrication, damage from exterior dirt and debris, or over-speeding of the internal turbocharger components. During any turbocharger repair and replacement service in Calgary, AB, our mechanics will individually inspect the turbine wheel, turbine housing, compressor wheel, compressor housing, wastegate, compressor bypass valve, and intercooler.

One way to increase the life of your turbocharger is to allow the maximum amount of warm-up time for your car or truck’s diesel engine system. Once the diesel engine is warmed up, the proper amount of oil will have already circulated through the engine and into the turbocharger. This will ensure that all working areas of your turbocharger are properly lubricated before you plan on utilizing any extra boost during the combustion process. Believe it or not, another aspect of turbocharger maintenance is keeping up with your car or truck’s oil changes. Lubrication is extremely important for turbochargers and keeping your oil clean and new will only help increase the life of your turbocharger. Letting your diesel engine system idle before shutting down is also beneficial to the life of your turbocharger. This will ensure that the speed inside the turbocharger slows while the internal temperature begins to decrease.

It’s important to shop around for an auto repair service before you settle on the facility that’s right for you. But keep in mind that not all garages have experience working with diesel engine systems and turbochargers. Rest assured, when you schedule a turbocharger repair and replacement at our facility, you are siding with a team of auto professionals who know the ins and outs of diesel engine systems and turbocharger repair and maintenance. We have been servicing turbochargers in both cars and high-powered trucks in Calgary, AB, and for years. Contact us today to learn more about improving the efficiency of your car or truck’s turbocharger while learning important maintenance tips from our auto professionals.

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Diesel Engine Systems

Diesel Engine Systems

Diesel engine systems help power some of the larger cars and trucks on the highway while also…