Seats for Cars

Our seats are more than a collection of parts. They’re made of creativity, quality, high-end materials, expert craftsmanship, and a deep love for automobiles. Our goods are as diverse and exacting as the people who buy them, ranging from the ultimate in comfort and ergonomics to uncompromising sporting flair. And always with the Car Salon excellence, you’ve come to expect. Select cutting-edge performance that puts you in control.

The factory seats in the average car are made to keep you comfy while droning down the interstate, nothing more. Even though many sports models have some degree of lateral support, you’ll still find yourself sliding all over if you push it in the turns. The steering wheel is for steering, it’s not a handle to hold onto when things get hairy. When the g-forces get turned up you need a proper racing seat to keep you comfortably in position and in control.

Confort & Style

A comfortable sitting position is also an ergonomic sitting position.
After a hectic week, driving your car should seem like a soothing trip to the spa. We make every travel an enjoyable experience by providing a variety of smart comfort features and ideal seat contours that support your body. This is important since driving encourages you to sit passively, which is one of the worst positions for your body. These factors must be compensated for with support and protection in a proper car seat.

A Car Salon seat is your seat because of its unique combination of ergonomics and comfort, as well as the correct adjustment options.

When you’re driving at speed, on the street but especially at the race track, you need to remain stationary behind the wheel, so that all the controls are readily at hand and your instruments are in clear view. And this isn’t possible if you’re sliding around in your seat through every turn. Racing seats are designed with ample side bolsters at your hips, kidney area, and shoulders to keep you in place and in control, regardless of the speed or direction.

We endeavor to be your trusted “One Location… One Solution” centre.

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