Chrome Trim

Chrome Trim

We offer the best auto accessories in the Calgary area for your new or pre-owned … From custom trim to chrome the factory forgot!

Chrome Trim Accessories

No other dealer in Calgary can beat The Car Salon when it comes to Chrome Trim accessories.

From chrome ABS door handle & tailgate handle covers, chrome ABS mirror covers, chrome ABS taillight covers, stainless steel rocker panel kits, the tape of chrome vent visors, chrome ABS door & tailgate handle cover, and many more — truly The Car Salon is the only dealer to trust.

Chrome & Stainless Trim has for years have been the popular choice among car owners for accessorizing their rides. But of course, we all know that when it comes to vehicle aesthetic, the cost is a major consideration. That said you ought to get smart in your purchase and seek only trusted online dealers that are renowned not only for offering high-quality auto products and components but also offers these products at affordable prices.

When you shop at The Car Salon Group of Companies, you don’t only get topnotch Chrome & Stainless Trim products at affordable prices but you get these products at lower prices still courtesy of our Low Price Guarantee Program. Now, that’s super savings at its best!

For questions or suggestions, we have provided a number of venues for you to reach us. You may call us, fax us, email us or chat with us. All the details are available on our customer service page. So what are you waiting for? Shop at The Car Salon for all your Automotive needs today!