Worx Alloy Wheels

Worx Alloy Wheels

Getting into an accident can be a painful experience. Every year millions of dollars in damage is done by hailstorms in the Calgary area. We want to make the rest of the process to getting back to normal as easy as possible for you.

Worx Alloy Wheels

Worx Wheels Redefining your Style

When you are embarking on a journey on or off road, it is important to ensure that your wheels are in good shape and that they are functioning as they should. For this reason, what you need is a pair of good and reliable wheels.

Black truck with Worx wheels logo
Worx Wheels are at the first frontier when it comes to offering you that reliability that you need on the road. Their tough nature ensures that your trail on the road is not something that you dread but a worthwhile journey.

Additionally, Worx Wheels are created to enhance your sense of style. Made by a leading manufacturer of wheels for light trucks, SUV’s and off road trucks, these wheels are bent to offer maximum performance, style and elegance.

Your sense of style defines the kind of person that you are. If you are the kind of person that enjoys unwavering attention, Worx Wheels will give you just this. The different rims are designed to have unique and bold designs that are attractive in nature, and are made to stand out everywhere.

To complete the classy look, wheels come in different sizes and have screw down covered lugs that make them outstanding. Chrome, black milled and satin black finishes enhance their look while the center cap Worx Logo adds a premium touch to the wheels.

Worx Wheels Dually Beast 803
Are you an ardent fun of rough wild looks? Dually Beast 803 rear Black wheels are the best way to match the look of your truck with that of the rugged terrain. Manufactured using aluminum, these wheels are strong to withstand the rough off roads and the best choice for truck drivers to express their personality. Their 6 concave shaped spooks will definitely capture the attention of people who look at them. The wheels are durable and light.

Worx Wheels Dually Beast 803 Front Chrome
If you are looking into buying a brand of wheels that have been tested and enhanced over and over again, Worx Dually Beast 803 Front Chrome Wheels is the option for you. The bold concave shaped spokes give the wheels a bold and aggressive look embodying your sense of style and personality. The wheels which are created using one piece aluminum material are strong and durable. They are also available in different sizes and are designed to fit your vehicle.

Worx Tyrant 805 V Finish Wheels
How fast can you clean your wheels? For those who want to change the outlook of your truck, Worx Tyrant 805 V finish wheels have a flashy new look that is both striking and appealing. Compared to traditional chrome, the shiny PVD chrome finish is also easy to clean.

Worx wheels

From afar, the diamond cut accents on the lips and the 8 spoke pattern will definitely draw attention. The wheels come in different sizes and have a Worx Logo at the center cap that makes them recognizable.

Worx Wheels provide some of the best wheels in the market. They are designed to set your truck apart from the rest on the road.

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