US Mags Wheels

US Mags Wheels

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US Mags Wheels


The longest running custom wheel tradition started in the mid-1960s when American racing legend Parnelli Jones and his childhood friend Art Hale Sr. started up a wheel company called US Mags. Parnelli was affiliated with Firestone Tire and Rubber and needed a source for wide wheels to accommodate the performance tires of the day he was selling through his retail stores. US Mags were retailed in the Western States by Firestone company stores and Parnelli Jones retail stores.

By 1970 Parnelli focused his attention on his growing chain of retail stores as well as the race teams he had formed. Art Hale began expanding the wheel business. Over the next few years, Art acquired several small or failed wheel companies. Some he purchased to gain technology, some for designs, and in some cases to better solidify his aluminum supply.

It was during this time that Ansen Wheels came into the Hale wheels family, soon followed by Rebel Wheel. Later in the decade, Dan Gurney Racing Wheels was also purchased/ Another company absorbed by the US Mags was a small struggling wheel brand from the bay area called American Racing. Perhaps because of Parnelli’s racing heritage, American Racing became the brand name that Art Hale decided to consolidate all other brands into.

Early 2010, Art Hale Jr. reacquired the US Mags brand and logo his father had originally started with so many years ago. Using the latest technology, US Mags was proud to re-introduce the original five spoke “Standard” and kidney bean “Indy” design that originally fueled custom the custom wheel market. Available in sizes ranging from 15” to 20”, enhance the appearance and value of your vintage ride with the original wheel brand and styles that were introduced when your car was new.

US Mags has further pushed the vintage and modern envelope with new custom forged designs and into the modern truck market with its latest “Truckin” series.

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