Premium Truck Tonneau Covers Calgary

You can find the proven, trusted, and guaranteed since 1991, in every premium ACCESS ® Roll-Up Cover at the Car Salon in Calgary. We demonstrate our commitment to information emphasizing features, style, and consistency. The ideal combination of creative fit and finish with outstanding results improves your lifestyle while at the same time providing legendary confidence. If you own a premium ACCESS ® Roll-Up Cover, there’s nothing left to do.

When it comes to carrying your belongings, truck beds are extremely versatile. It’s difficult to beat the carrying capacity of current pickup trucks for everything from bikes to mud to furnishings. Unfortunately, the truck bed’s simplistic design isn’t secure enough to transport loose objects without supervision. A basic truck bed cover can help keep items secure and provide you more peace of mind in this situation. While some heavy-duty truck coverings are difficult to install or operate, a simple roll-up truck bed cover is one of the most cost-effective solutions to safeguard your truck bed.

Why Buy Access Roll-up Covers?

  • Make sure the vehicle bed is secure.
    Because a truck bed doesn’t have a lid, it’s easy for someone to come up and steal stuff from it. Even though the ultimate level of efficacy depends on the design and construction of the cover, a good roll-up cover provides a basic barrier to prevent would-be thieves from taking what they desire. Even a simple barrier is preferable to nothing.
  • Increase your fuel efficiency.
    Fuel efficiency isn’t something most pickup trucks are recognized for. While some are better than others, it is widely understood that fuel savings should not be expected to be significant. By making the bed more aerodynamic, a pickup truck cover can enhance fuel efficiency to a minor extent. This allows air to move over the bed rather than into it, which reduces air resistance and makes the engine work harder at highway speeds.
  • Make your truck look good.
    The aesthetic appeal that vehicle wraps can provide is an often overlooked benefit. Although composite covers have the most customizable looks and colours, a simple roll-up can bring some unique visual flair to the mix. Many hardcovers, in fact, are ideal for adding usefulness without detracting from the overall appearance. Many are made with low-profile dimensions that make them practically disappear in the truck bed.


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