2Crave Wheels

2Crave Wheels

Getting into an accident can be a painful experience. Every year millions of dollars in damage is done by hailstorms in the Calgary area. We want to make the rest of the process to getting back to normal as easy as possible for you.



2Crave Wheels

Headquartered in the heartland of aftermarket business, in California, 2 Crave is a company that never stops evolving and growing. Striving to satisfy requirements of the most discerning customers, 2 Crave markets several brands, including Xtreme, Black Diamond, Heavy Hitters, and Fiero. Each wheel line is specifically developed, engineered, and manufactured for customers, who are united by precious quality and maximum performance. Crafted from premium quality materials with the ultimate elegance in mind, the 2 Crave custom rims are manufactured to be craved for.

2 Crave wheels are the perfect example of a one-piece light alloy cast wheel. Amazing style is the first consideration at 2 Crave, and they use the best manufacturing techniques to build the large variety of styles that wear the brand. 2 Crave offers wheels for the passenger car market in 15″, 16″, 17″, 18″, 20″ and 22″ diameters and offers more styles for the truck and SUV market in 20″, 22″, 24″ and 26″ diameters.

Unique and modernistic trendsetter, yet classic and elegant conservative with a touch of renaissance luxury, 2 Crave encompasses and praises beauties of everyday life and individuals within. 2 Crave’s effortless style, seamless craftsmanship, and unsurpassed visual refinement bring values that only the finest can offer. State-of-the-art techniques and years of experience allow 2 Crave to create wheels that provide a stylish look and lasting service life.

We endeavor to be your trusted “One Location… One Solution” centre.

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