Focal Audio Calgary

With 30 years of experience and no less than twelve international patents in speaker design and driver technology, FOCAL-JM Lab is one of the world’s most renowned loudspeaker manufacturers. Focal inventions include dual voice coils, multi-layer cone material and dome tweeters inverted.

Located in France, near Lyon at Saint-Etienne, the plant generates home speakers as well as car speakers. Most of the parts used in Focal speakers are manufactured in-house, enabling Focal engineers to introduce fresh thoughts rapidly. Many parts, like the multi-layer cones in the K2P and Utopia range, are still hand-made in the Focal plant.

Sound quality is the driving force of this company.

As you might think, Focal provides a number of distinct product series for car audio lovers of varying levels. For the most demanding audiophiles, the top of the line Ultima & Utopia M systems. With rates varying from $2,000 to $20,000 per 6.5′′ component set, this is not everybody’s budget sequence. As we enter the K2 Power and Flax series you begin to accomplish achievable budgets with incredible results for most vehicle audio systems. In fact, these are the same speaker sets that we operate here at the store and in our private cars in our demonstration cars.The output and sound quality from Focal is difficult to beat from even other high-end products as we achieve the reduced sequence of speakers. The best way to assess these products is to listen to them correctly tuned and expertly mounted in our store, in our cars.

Give us a call or visit our store when you’re prepared to move forward with your audio system so we can make sure you have the ideal speaker kit for your car audio objectives.

We endeavor to be your trusted “One Location… One Solution” centre.

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