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Davin Wheels offers to choose from different series (DC, Blak, Street spin, UNO), all known for originality and hot designs.

Those who feel the essence of motion might wanna stop here. Make a statement with spinning rims! After all, isn’t it a perfect choice for all luxury autos?

Luxury is always a popular choice, Classy and Original. Davin showcases the Revolution series, which is the first wheel to use both a spinning and non-spinning design within the same wheel. To go along with their collection of Revolution spinners is a collection of other luxurious custom wheels that look just as at home on a burly SUV as they do on a smoothly-shaped sedan. These rims are designed, cut, and forged from premium alloy and finished in a variety of ways. Drivers can choose from chrome, two-tone chrome, black chrome, stainless, and of course, a variety of colors. Please choose to give us a call today.

These wheels give your vehicle the appearance that the wheels are still rolling even when the vehicle is not. Spinners also create an illusion that the wheels are floating while the vehicle is in motion. If you want your wheels to spin, these rims are exactly what you want. No guesswork like add-on aftermarket spinners because Davin wheels are already designed to spin. These are great for donks, trucks, and SUVs. Give your ride a truly functional spinning illusion with Davin Wheels and Davin Spinning Wheels. Spinners are available in a variety of designs from classics like the Davin Sagebrush to mind-blowing designs like the Davin Illicit and Davin TWSTD. Spinners will continue to roll, even when your vehicle has stopped.

Davin Wheels are the original Spinning Wheels.

Davin Rim Replacements Calgary

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