Pet Travel

We have all been there, pick up your car keys with that unmistakable jingling sound, foolishly utter the word “Ride” out loud and you could be bowled over by that ball of fur rocketing toward the door between your feet. But before you jump in the car with your best friend, remember that driving with pets in the cars requires a certain preparedness whether it’s a short trip to the store or a long cross-country trek.

Products like pet carriers, back seat protectors, dog car seats, vehicle pet harnesses, and others will ensure comfortable and safe pet travel. Pets can succumb to heatstroke and suffocation in only minutes so be careful not to leave them in an unattended vehicle with inadequate or no ventilation. Look for cooling products to keep pet travel cool during warmer months.

In the spirit of continuing to get outside and explore, sleep under the stars, and hit the road toward new destinations, we’ve compiled a list of essential dog travel gear to enhance your next road trip.

Dog Car Accessories

Pet travel can lead to different experiences based on how your furry friend responds to car trips. While some dogs love riding shotgun in the car, other dogs struggle with anxiety. Whether your dog is a car lover or not, consider making the trip safer with dog travel accessories like the Solvit Deluxe Sta-Put Hammock Seat Cover. Not only is it super comfortable with padded and quilted cushions, but it acts as a barrier between the back and front seats, ensuring your dog doesn’t become a distraction while you drive. Car travel with dogs can be a fun experience pending your furry friend remains calm during the car ride. If a dog car barrier isn’t enough to keep your pup calm in the back seat, consider a dog crate or dog kennel. These come in different sizes, allowing you to pick the right-sized pet travel cage for your pup.

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