Off-Road Lights

Offroad Racing, Fog & Driving Lights
Stay safe, light up the night-time horizon and avoid hazardous obstacles in any weather conditions. We offer a variety of Offroad Racing, Fog & Driving Lights for your vehicle, designed tough to handle any trail and in a variety of sizes to meet your offroading needs. Available in traditional halogen, HID & LED for your specific requirements.

The Car Salon: Your Headquarters for Off-Road Truck Lighting & Accessories

Welcome to The Car Salon Lighting Products, your number one source for off-road truck lights, 4×4 light bars, LED truck lights, and other performance parts and accessories. Here at The Car Salon, we strive to be the best and we make sure that it shows each and every time you do business with us. Look no further than The Car Salon for your off-road truck lighting needs!

Why choose The Car Salon over other off-road truck lighting retailers? Unlike other manufacturers and retailers, The Car Salon staffs a group of enthusiastic, truck-owning, off-road trucking professionals who can relate to you and your hobby. The same parts and accessories you are looking to purchase from us, we have purchased and applied to our own vehicles as well. Maintain that constant peace of mind knowing that Off-Road Power Products is not just our company, it’s our lifestyle. So the next time you are on the market for off-road truck lights, 4×4 light bars, LED truck lights or any other off-road part or accessory, look no further than The Car Salon!

Thank you for visiting The Car Salon, Calgary’s headquarters for off-road truck lighting, accessories and so much more.

We endeavor to be your trusted “One Location… One Solution” centre.

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