Fog Lights

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Fog lights are usually found under an automobile’s headlights. You can normally see them mounted in the front bumper and aimed low. These lights typically come in a shape of a bar, but some of them are round. You can get them in yellow or white. Some fog lights even have both yellow and white in the same lens.

This product are used to provide better visibility while driving through fog. But, you can also use it when going through places where rain, snow, or dust may be giving you a hard time moving forward with confidence. This product can be used instead of headlamps to be able to have light that can effectively penetrate through falling snow and fog. They generate a broad ray of light that allows you to see where you are headed, especially when driving under harsh weather conditions.

Aren’t headlights enough?
The problem with headlights when passing through fog or rain is that the light that they produce can be reflected back to your eyes. In such instances, you will need a fog light to cut through the snow, rain, or fog. However, if the fog is too thick, the light coming from the bulbs may also be reflected back to you. During these times, it is better to pull over to the side of the road for a while until road visibility gets better.

Yellow or White?
If you are choosing between yellow and white, your choice may be down to efficiency or style. The yellow ones are what you need if you want to get the most useful and safe lights available. On the other hand, white fog lights present more style and produce a beam that is similar to sunlight.

Furthermore, there are fog lights that are offered in different color tints other than yellow and white. Green shades are available from time to time. Plus, there are specific lamps made from tungsten-halogen lights that are excellent for brightening up the road at short distances, and you can get them in orange and blue. Orange fog lights are also effective in terms of providing adequate illumination and safety. However, the light coming from blue ones may sometimes be reflected back to your face when passing through fog or snow.

The fog light you should get is the kind that produces a dim, yet wide, beam. It is also important to check if the lights you want to meet all Canadian safety requirements.

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