Custom Gauges

Nothing Impacts The Look of Your Interior More Than The Gauges

The first place someone’s eyes fall when they look into the rolling piece of art you’ve created is the gauges. The one piece of the interior you spend the most time looking at is the instrument cluster. Done right, instruments can complement the character of your vehicle, tie it all together and be the difference between a finished masterpiece and a casual weekend project. You’ve painstakingly slaved over the details in your car and the finishing touches should be no exception. The ultimate enhancement to push it over the top is a gauge package that is as unique as you and your creation.

The Look You Want, The Quality You Need.

When buy custom gauges getting the look is important, but if it’s not with a product you can count on day in and day out, it means nothing. Every piece built in the Car Salon Shop is constructed to our highest standards using the same components you’ve found on drag strips and racetracks for over 50 years. Assembled by skilled technicians in the heart of downtown Calgary, Alberta, you’re assured of the finest possible instrumentation money can buy backed by Car Salon’s legendary commitment to our customers. They’ve got to work on the track before we sell them anywhere. From our custom wound meter movements to the unrivaled precision of our sending units, it’s quite simply the best or nothing at all.

We endeavor to be your trusted “One Location… One Solution” centre.

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Custom Gauges

Custom Gauges

In addition to custom-designed instrument clusters, gauges, and senders, we offer a large selection of standard items.